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What Is Wacom Technology & is it safe to use?

In the last decade, we’ve seen huge innovations with art specific tech. & personally, I think it’s a very exciting time to be an artist. BUT… 

are the radiation levels emitted by these devices safe for prolonged use? Well, today I’m going to discuss What Is Wacom Technology, & dive into if it’s safe to use.  

Hopefully, I can clear up any confusion you might have concerning the safety of these devices & provide you with some interesting information about the technology fueling them. 

Before I go any further, I’m going to assume you what a Wacom drawing tablet is? If no don’t worry I cover that topic in great detail in my post What Is A Wacom Drawing Tablet.  

So before we decide if they’re safe to use, let’s jump into how these devices work!

So how do they work?

Wacom Tablet Technology

A Wacom tablet works as an input device that uses electromagnetic resonance technology developed by Wacom Co. Ltd where radio waves are sent to the stylus(pen). 

When the stylus receives these radio waves, it will start to generate its own unique frequency. The tablet receives this frequency & uses it to accurately track the location of the pen. 

It’s important to note that these radio waves simultaneously charge the stylus, so you never have to manually charge your stylus.

The tablet then sends the Pen’s pressure levels, tilt levels, & location to your computer. The eraser works the exact same way as the pen tip.

This communication process happens very rapidly, about every 20 microseconds. A microsecond is equal to one-millionth of a second

So are these Electro Magnetic Waves safe for prolonged use?

spongebob safety

From what I can surmise the levels or electromagnetic waves generated by drawing tablets seem to be too small to negatively affect your cells significantly. 

That said it is important to note when dealing with EMF radiation proximity & exposure time is critical.

Although these levels are safe its probably not wise to keep them too close to your torso or head for prolonged periods. A foot or more of distance can significantly decrease the amount of radiation you absorb. 

I say this because there isn’t much data that states prolonged use at close proximity is safe. 

According to Wacoms wiki page there, standard EMF radiation levels are about 531 kHz. Which is lower than most phones & computers.

So like I said the emf levels seem relatively safe if kept at a safe distance. 

But accumulative of radiation from using multiple devices probably isn’t the safest choice. For example, I own numerous iPads, an iMac, two laptops, an iPhone & multiple drawing tablets.

The radiation for all of those devices daily at close proximity adds up & can be harmful.

That said, I’m not going to stop using my tech, because it is convenient & honestly, I really love incorporating into my workflow as an artist.

So what’s the solution for people who use multiple devices that emit EMF radiation?

There are companies like Defender Sheild that offer device cases that block EMF radiation. I believe they’re able to decrease radiation of your phone by 99%.

You can also put your devices on airplane mode, it does decrease the amount of EMF emitted. I do this a lot with my iPads considering I mainly use them to draw with the Procreate App.Drawing on iPad Pro tablet

Remember to sleeping at least 10 feet away from your devices & wifi router help significantly decrease the amount of EMF you’re absorbing while sleeping.   


So if you own one or two Wacom tablets on their own, they’re pretty harmless as long as you keep a reasonable distance(a foot or more) from them when working long hours. A tablet by itself doesn’t emit a high enough level of EMF to harm you.

But the truth is, there has never been a time where humans have owned so many devices emitting EMF. Sure it’s safe to use a Wacom, but if you’re like me than your Wacom drawing tablet is not the only device you own that’s emitting EMF.

It’s easy to be dismissive to a thing like this because you can’t physically see the danger. But you shouldn’t because it’s always the punch you don’t see that hits the hardest!

If you use some of the tips discussed above you should be relatively safe. As we move into a world of 5g & more devices, it’ll be interesting to see how our relationship with EMF plays out. 

But in the meantime, let me know what you think about this topic or any other art/drawing tablet related topic in the comments below.

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