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What Is A Wacom Driver & Why Your Tablet Is Useless Without One!

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What’s up everyone, It’s you boy Gaius, & in this post, I’m going to be talking about What Is A Wacom Driver.

BTW this post has nothing to do with Sponge Bob! I just love the show & needed a thumbnail that was “driver” related.

So what is a Wacom driver & why do you need one?

A driver is a software that allows your computer to recognize the functions carried out by your Wacom drawing tablet & Wacom pen(stylus).

Without a driver, your computer would not recognize any actions made by your tablet. 

It acts as a translator converting the information you input into your tablet into something your desktop or laptop can understand. 

Simply put without a driver, you cannot use your tablet. So if you own a Wacom tablet it is imperative you get a driver!

How do you get a driver? & do you have to pay for it?

Because it is a software, it must be downloaded from Wacom’s website. Also, drivers are 100%  free to download & don’t cost anything to use. 

The most trusted site to get up to date drivers will be Wacom.com.

Once you are on the driver page, you need to click download on the driver that has the model of the tablet you currently own. 

What is an up to date driver? & should I update my driver?

An up to date driver is a driver that works with the current software of your computer.

The photo to the right (or bellow if you are on a mobile device) is a screenshot of Wacom’s Driver download page.

On that page, Wacom offers both Up to date drivers & old drivers.

So if you own a Mac & updated your OS (Windows for PC)  recently but you haven’t updated your driver there is a possibility your tablet’s functions will not be recognized by your computer or laptop. 

This is because the software of your computer has changed so drastically that the driver is no longer compatible with it. 

If this does happen to you, no biggy! All you have to do is download the latest driver for your specific model.

Luckily Wacom is excellent about updating their drivers. You can always find the latest driver downloads on their site.

Surprisingly other brands are pretty slow about updating their already limited drivers.

This is one of the many reasons I prefer Wacom over alternative brands.

To me, a drawing tablet is a long term investment in your art career. If a tablet brand doesn’t update the drivers frequently, I don’t think it’s a good investment.

This is because when you buy from non-Wacom brands, there will be times where you won’t be able to use your drawing tablet the second you update your computer software.

Although Wacom is great at updating their drivers frequently, there are times when they’re drivers can be a bit buggy. 

Why are their drivers sometimes buggy?

This usually happens when Wacom releases a new piece of technology. The first 1-3 months can be a bit of a work in progress when it comes to their drivers.

But after a couple weeks, they usually get rid of all software bugs.

I’ve owned my first Intuos since 2013 & It is still operational because of Wacoms up to date driver.

What else does a driver do besides allow your computer to recognize your tablet?

Drivers also allow for customization of settings like pen pressure, express keys & touch settings.

When it comes to customizing things like pen pressure or express keys, Wacom’s drivers offer the ability to customize more in-depth than any of their competition. 

If you don’t know what terms like pen pressure or express keys are I explain them in my post What Is A Wacom Tablet.

Wacom Tablet settings


Divers are just one of the essential parts of the anatomy of a drawing tablet. & there’s a lot more to discuss.

I’m going to try to write about all of them with my blog or as much as I physically can.

But in the meantime, let me know what you think about drivers or any other art/drawing tablet related topic in the comments below.

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