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I’m Just a kid from NYC that loves making images!

By Gaius

Welcome to my blog, my name is Gaius, pronounced (Guy-Is). I’m a digital & traditional artist from NYC. 

Why My Blog’s Name Is So Boring

For me, content should always come first. & I want my name to be associated w/ great content.

So when you see Blog by Gaius I want the “by Gaius” part to be the what brings value to the title.

I like the idea of a supernormal title that has value because my name is associated with it. 

For example, my youtube account is Videos by Gaius, my Instagram is Work by Gaius, my blog is Blog by Gaius, & eventually, my Merch will be named Merch by Gaius.

The Focus Of My Blog

The focus of my blog is creating cool content for beginner artist/digital artist.

I have a lot of experience & I want to share it while also sharing some of my own digital/traditional artwork.

Like speed drawings, tutorials, tips, giveaways, & product reviews.

Eventually, I’ll expand into a more active youtube channel. & begin to create Merch, Prints, & Events for the audience I’m slowly building. 

I really just want a personal platform like my blog & youtube channel where I can communicate & make content centered around my passion for digital art. 

My Work

I do both traditional art (painting, drawing) & digital art, but I’m only really focused on my digital art for this blog. 

I’ve been doing digital art for years & have owned a tablet from almost every company out there.

Currently, I’m really focused on making work w/ my iPad Pro.

I have content on other tablets I’ve used, but right now I’m in love w/ drawing w/ my iPad Pro. So the iPad Pro will be the primary drawing tablet I use to create artwork shared on this blog. 

I’m also working on some sculptural work designed by my iPad Pro so keep an eye out for that. 

My Business Philosophy

No shade to the conventional “Artist Bussiness Model” but I think it isn’t applicable to most beginner & mid-tier artists. 

I think the idea of the gallery is becoming less & less necessary. & while I do think there are certainly galleries that should be a staple of the art world.

I think most have overstayed their welcome. Most of them only show an artist who have massive social media followings. & at that point why do you need a mid-tier gallery?

If those artists knew how to leverage & monetize those followings to their full potential they could just do their own events & sell direct to consumer. They could also make money off of drinks at their events, prints, etc. 

That said I do think certain galleries are defiantly helping artists. I just feel like a majority of them are largely unnecessary. They seem more interested in using well-known artist for their fanbase/market value rather than building/discovering talent.  

This is why I made this blog, & have stepped away from using Instagram to build an audience. Certain social media platforms have algorythims that make growth & montization very diffcult for artist. 

I also believe there’s a difference between a larger following & an engagement following. I value curating an engaged audience over people who screenshot your post & could care less about buying your prints. 

Sometime in the future, I’ll make more content around my personal business strategy. 

The Future Of My Blog

In the future, I’d love to expand the content I make. Suff like how I make money as an artist without using galleries. & How I made 10k in one night off of drinks sold at event I did in NYC. 

My ultimate goal is to build an engaged audience that I provided value & cool content too. Whether its videos, artbooks, prints, giveaways, events, product reviews, tutorials or merch. 

If you’re interested in this kind of content, feel free to let me know by leaving a comment below & bookmarking this site. (eventually, I’ll have an email list.)


  • Daniel Ahovi

    Hi Gaius,

    Am not into arts but you definitely got my attention there. I like site layout and the quality of your pictures there are awesome. Great Job . Keep up the good work

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