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iPad Pro Photography + Free Red Filter Photoshop Giveaway

In today’s post we’re going to focus on photography I made with my iPad Pro

I wouldn’t call myself a photographer!


I do enjoy making images, & I made a filter I think is worth sharing.

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How I Saved $619.01 On My iPad Pro

1. What You Need

To use this filter you’ll need to get your hands on a laptop/computer w/ photoshop or the iPad Pro w/ procreate. Both photoshop & procreate can be used to save, open, & edit PSD (photoshop) files.

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Click the download button below. When it’s fully downloaded right-click the file & click un-zip.

If you want to use it w/ your iPad Pro, airdrop the file once it’s unzipped. Or use dropbox. 

3. How To Use The Filter

Replace the layer labeled “Replace” w/ your photo.

You can play around w/ the layer mask to tweak the visibility & composition of certain textures & colors. 

4. My Red Photography

5. Inspiration

The whole idea of red filters isn’t original, but I did try to put my own spin on it. I originally got the idea while watching one of my favorite films Goodfellas. 

The scene where Jimmy, Henry, & Tommy dig up Billy Batts was shot beautifully. The car lights illuminate the foggy night leaving nothing but the silhouette of our protagonist & his friends digging visible.

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