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Buying An iPad Pro on Amazon? Beware OF Scammers (7 quick Facts)

DISCLAIMER: I am not sponsored by Apple; all opinions are my own!

In this post, we’ll be discussing some important things to know before buying an iPad Pro on Amazon.

We’ll go over reduced pricing, free shipping, fake reviews, rating manipulation, scammers, counterfeit products, & how you can protect yourself. 

I was inspired to write this post after seeing a story on ABC news about an iPhone portable charger sold on Amazon exploding. 

Apparently, the iPhone exploded because of a fake Apple charger was sold without the protective chip. This protective chip protects your charger from over surging. 

Let’s start


1. The Reviews Aren’t Always Accurate

Surprisingly Amazon reviews have little to no value.

In fact, you’re better off reading a review from a reviewer you trust than relying on an Amazon review.

Because at least that person has some sort of reputation to uphold or can prove they actually own the product.  

 The Wall Street Journal brought covered how unreliable reviews are in their segment on How Scammers in China Manipulate Amazon.

During that segment discussed how some sellers sabotage their competition by contact a 3rd-party to create bad reviews with bots. They then hire that same person to create a bunch of positive reviews for their product. 

This lowers the chances of their competition selling & increases the scammer’s conversion which allows a scammer to become a “Best-Seller”. 

2. Best Seller Manipulation 

Becoming a top-selling product increases visibility & trust, therefore, allowing scammers to convert sales more often. 

Like any system, the “best-seller” system can be taken advantage of.

When scammers utilize sketchy techniques they become best sellers & you end owning a product that is a complete counterfeit.

What’s even worse is a scammer can become a best seller so quickly that they don’t even need to worry about you reporting them because they can always make a new account & repeat the same process. 

3. Counterfeit Products

The story of a mans portable iPhone charger exploding in his pants is not the only time a counterfeit product has endangered the buyer.

In fact, multiple teenagers have reported their iPhones burning or exploding.

Some even while in their pants. The picture on the left(above if your reading this on a phone) shows a new iPhone XS that exploded. Apple believes the culprit to be fake Apple accessories.

Apple products are known to be very safe. These horrible stories keep surfacing because more & more shoppers are purchasing unregulate/counterfeit products due to innocent naivete.  

Interestingly enough Apple is currently suing an electronics distributor for selling counterfeit Apple products on Amazon.

4. How To Protect Yourself From Scammers On Amazon

There are two ways you can protect one of two ways.

The first is by calling Apple to see what sellers on Amazon are selling products from Apple.

For example, Amazon, Walmart, etc are all sellers on amazon that you can trust. 

This is not hard to do but it does take some time. The photo to the left is a screenshot of my conversation with an Apple 

representative. FYI they’re really friendly & it isn’t hard to get customer service on the phone. 

If you want to save yourself the time, I took the liberty of providing links from trusted sellers on Amazon for the iPad Pro see the button bellow for more. 

If you’re interested in trusted sellers for all Amazon products see the link below. 


5. Free & Fast Shipping

Most Apple products sold by verified sellers on Amazon offer free shipping.

Unlike other sites whose free shipping can take weeks Amazon’s free shipping usually takes 5-7 business days.

See post below to find out what sellers offer free shipping.

6. Price Fluctuation & Reduced Pricing 

Amazon prices are usually lower than the competitor sites because of an algorithm tactic they employ.

Their algorithm allows t hem to undercut competitors by charging slightly less for the same product. Beaceause of this, their prices aren’t fixed.

Meaning that the price of the iPad Pro can change multiple times a month & it’s my job to 

In fact, some products reach %20 less than the retail price for a limited time.

The chart above shows the price fluctuation of the 11″ iPad Pro during the last 30 days.

I use the Honey chrome extension to find these price fluctuations. 

7. How to take advantage of Amazons sales & price fluctuations. 

Sign up for my mail list & I’ll update you as prices change. I check iPad Pro & related products daily. 

8. What You Should Do Now


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