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Huion VS Wacom: Is Huion Better Than Wacom?

All opinions are my own, I am not sponsored by either Huion or Wacom. 

All over the internet artists are talking about Huion vs Wacom. & A lot of people are wondering which is best. After owning a couple products from both companies this is what I found.

So is Huion better than Wacom?

Generally speaking, Wacom is better than Huion because of their tablet’s quality, all products have a battery-free stylus, zero parallax, they innovate more, less latency, superior customer service, updated drivers w/ deeper customization options, resolution, anti-ghosting shortcut keys, & is produces more reliable products. 

That said there are some advantages to purchasing a Huion tablet over a Wacom. In the post, I’ll dive into more details so that you can decide if a Huion tablet is right for you. 

1. Why Wacom Is Better

Wacom Makes Quality Products That Are Higher Quality

Truthfully I’m basing this off of anecdotal observations because this is based on my personal experience w/ Wacom.

but every Wacom tablet I’ve own has been quality. In fact, my second Wacom tablet the Intuos 2013 has been horribly mistreated & still works 7 years later.  

To give an example of how durable this tablet I traveled with it in a backpack along with w/ my laptop.

& sometimes I even dropped my backpack carelessly on the floor.

2 years after owning it I purchased a new tablet & left on my window sill where it was consistently exposed to direct sunlight for years.

That means multiple summers where the sun was beating down on it heating it up. My 7-year-old niece is currently using it & it still works for her even though she’s probably not the most diligent when it comes to using tech. 

I’ve also owned multiple models that have all lasted but my 2013 Intuos is the most extreme example of Wacom’s quality. 

All There Stylus are battery-free

Huion does sell some of their tablets w/ a battery-free stylus but most there tablets especially the cheaper ones come w/ a rechargeable stylus or a stylus that requires actual AAA batteries to use. 

Some people blame this on Wacom’s patent for their EMR battery-free stylus, but somehow Huion still sells battery-free stylus.

So either they found a new way to achieve a battery-free stylus or they don’t care for Copyrights. I don’t know which of those two options is correct but I do know that the idea that Wacom has a monopoly on the battery-free stylus is inaccurate at best. 

& let’s not forget Huion is based in a country that isn’t known for respecting international copyright laws. So even if they did violate Wacom’s IP I don’t see how you can incentivize them to stop doing so.  

I’m going to avoid diving any deeper into IP protection but if you’d like to learn more about China’s history w/ piracy you can read Forbes article on it. 

So why are battery-free stylus important? Because they’re convenient. The act of charging your stylus or replacing your stylus’ batteries is inevitably going to interrupt your workflow. & who needs that distraction.

When you’re pen is battery-free you never have to worry about charging it! It receives it’s power from you drawing with it. 

Wacom’s Screen Tablets Have Zero Parallax

Before I dive into the importance of zero parallax here’s a quick definition & visuall example of what parallax is. 

Parallax: the effect whereby the position of the pen tip on your screen appears to differ from the line being drawn on the display. Parallax only occurs on Screen Tablets. 

Below are two photos, the first showing parallax & the second showing zero parallax.


The line drawn is not directly under the tip of the stylus.

Zero Parallax

The line drawn is directly under the tip of the stylus.

With each model, Wacom has steadily decreased parallax to zero. Unfortunately, Huion products have yet to create a screen tablet w/ zero parallax. 

Drawing on a Huion Screen Tablet

Drawing on a Wacom screen tablet

The Huion tablet has a tremendous amount of parallax. So much that the brush icon(black circle) is barely underneath the tip of the stylus. (See photo below on mobile, or to the right on desktop)

Ultimately this creates an unnatural drawing experience because your lines are out of sync with the tip of your stylus. 

Some people use the excuse that photoshop’s smoothing feature is what’s causing the parallax.


Admittedly the video of me drawing on my Cintiq Pro is experiencing a lot of latency but that’s due to my 2011 iMac & small ram.

If you look closely at the video of me using my Cintiq Pro you’ll notice there is zero parallax. 


I’ve heard people claim that Wacom is resting on its brand’s popularity & refusing to innovate but there is an overwhelming amount of evidence to support otherwise.

Here’s a quick list of facts that support the idea that Wacom is innovating the drawing tablet status quo. 

  • Wacom’s Cintiq Pro is universally considered a generation leap for screen drawing tablets by Professionals. 
  • Most Knock-off brands are using old Wacom designs for their tablets, stylus, & pen holders. 
  • Wacom’s Pro Pen 2 is universally considered the most accurate & best stylus available by professionals. 
  • The Express Key Remote was a unique addition to the standard short cut keys. 


less Latency

Before I dive into why having less latency is a good thing here’s a quick definition along w/ a video demonstrating latency.  

Latency: A delay in the animation on your display. In regard to drawing it’s a slight delay in the animation of a line or brushstroke when drawing.

Latency can occur on any type of tablet but is most visible on screen tablets because you can see the brush lag behind your stylus as you draw. 

The video below displays latency on the 7th Gen iPad. I understand that this post has nothing to do w/ iPads however this video is great visual example of latency. 

Wacom products have little to no latency unless your computer is prone to laggy animations. In that case, it’s not the tablet’s fault. 

Conversely, every experience I’ve had w/ Huion screen tablets has involved a level of latency that decreases the accuracy of my lines & brush strokes. 

In fact in the video below you’ll notice a significant amount of latency (lag) when drawing on the Huion Kamvas Pro. 

The purple line should be inside the brush cursor(black circle). You can see many times it slightly falls behind the brush cursor due to latency issues. 

Many people claim this is because photoshops smoothing feature slows down animation. This is a fair argument but I feel like the parallax & latency shown here are pretty standard given my experience w/ their products. 

Superior Customerserive 

Another advantage Wacom has over Huion is customer service any time   I needed help w/ something It wasn’t hard to get someone on the line.

Huion, on the other hand, is infamous for there nonexistent customer service. This is ironic because their drivers, pens & tablets often malfunction, causing you to have to contact there, staff. 

In fact their are complaints left on the Huion website that are 

Up to date Drivers W/ Deeper Levels Of Customization

Drivers are software that allows your computer’s software to have compatibility w/ your tablet. Without a driver, your computer will ignore all of the actions you carry out on your tablet rendering it useless. 

Every time you update your computer operating system there is a chance you’re driver might be incompatible w/ it. So it’s important that the company you purchased your tablet has a professional team developing up to date drivers that are bug proof. 

So far Wacom is the best at consistently providing it’s customers w/ the most up to date bug-free drivers. 

It’s also important to note that drivers have more features. For example, drivers allow you to customize the settings of your tablet. 

Both Huion & Wacom allow for customization but Wacom’s customization if more granular. One example of this is program-specific shortcut keys. 

You can program the keys on your tablet to carry out different functions. But unlike Huion, Wacom allows you to program your keys depending on the program you are using, so if you in photoshop the key might be programmed for save, & if you open up google chrome that the same key can be programmed to open up a new tab. 

Shortcut keys are designed to make life easier so being able to change programs without having to rewrite programs is a level of convincing Wacom has over Huion. 

Shortcut keys contain Anti Ghosting 

Anti-ghosting is when you can tap multiple keys at once & each function for each key pressed happens simultaneously. It’s convenient for moving fast. For example, if I want to undo something & change my brush I can press two keys and both actions happen at the same time. Currently, Huion does not offer a tablet w/ anti-ghosting. 

2.Advantages To Picking Huion Over Wacom


Huion’s tablets are usually less than half the price of Wacom’s. There are several reasons there able to do this, the biggest being poor build quality, I wouldn’t consider an advantage because most of these tablets start to break down with in the first 1-3 years of owning them.

I’ve seen multiple complaints on youtube, Reddit & even from friends in the industry about Pens not working all overall the tablet wearing down abnormally fast. 

That said if you just want to buy a drawing tablet to try it out Huion is the best bet. But if you plan on keeping that tablet.

Pen pressure

Huion does sell devices under $100 that offer high pen pressure. Although the calibration available for that pen pressure is not easy to adjust. 

While providing 8,192 levels of pressure is a good thing their pens often feel over sensitive & I’d actually prefer 4,018 because its harder to control the pen pressure. 

3. Who Should buy Huion

In my opinion, based on the facts, I provided above their tablets are best for hobbyists or people who aren’t seriously invested in a career w/ art. 

These tablets will fall apart quicker than Wacom & due to poor drivers & quality can be rendered inoperable for long periods of time. 

Not to mention customer service isn’t great. So if you’re tablet does encounter a problem good luck getting help resolving the issue. But if you want an affordable tablet with good features that you won’t use excessively a Huion is a good fit. 

4.Who Should Buy A Wacom

Wacom’s prices range from $60-$2,400. With a price point like that, reliable products & great customer service they’re great for the hobbyist, aspiring professionals, or professionals. 

5. Why Low Prices Do Not Matter

When it comes to buying art supplies there is no such thing as saving money unless you buy something that is on sale. 

What I mean by this is, if you buy from cheap brands you’ll get a cheap product, w/ bad UI, inconsistent drivers, & bare minimum customer service.

So often I see people complain about how Wacom’s tablets are overpriced. To me, this is a reductionist perspective, that ignores the full spectrum of things that go into pricing.  

6. Best Huion & Wacom Tablets For Beginners

Here’s a quick list of the best Wacom & Huion drawing tablets for beginners. If you’d like to read my review of each of these beginner tablets you can do so here. 


Huion Inspiroy H1060P

Huion Inspiroy H950P

Huion Inspiroy H640P

Huion Inspiroy HS64


Intuos Small

Intuos Small w/ Bluetooth

Intuos Medium

One By Wacom


8. Final Thoughts

What Huion has going for it is numbers & features. They offer some impressive features for such a low price. If you’re just looking at numbers on paper I completely understand why the myth of Wacom being overpriced is so commonly expressed as if it were a fact. 

But if features were everything there would be no need for reviewers like myself. & in my opinion, Huion’s tablets fail to deliver the impressive drawing experience their features promise. 

Their pens are too sensitive & inaccurate, their products often malfunction/break, their drivers & customer service are seriously lacking, & overall they’re building a brand with no innovation & are only apart of the conversation because they’re products are incredibly cheap.

But when it comes to buying Tablets there’s no such thing as spending money. No matter how comforting the idea is if you buy a cheap tablet don’t expect quality drivers, UI, longevity or good customer service. 

Would I recommend Huion’s products, no I wouldn’t.

Are they better than Wacom, no far from it.  

I know this makes me sound like a massive Wacom fanboy but at the moment Wacom isn’t even the brand I use daily for digital art. In fact, I’m more interested in my iPad Pro. 

Even though I prefer Apple over Wacom, I can’t denny they’re a quality brand. 

9. Related Questions

Do you need a computer to use a Huion tablet?

Yes, you need a computer to use a Huion Tablet. Unlike Apple & Wacom, Huion does not sell computer tablets. 

What is the cheapest Wacom tablet?

The cheapest Tablets Wacom sells are

  • One by Wacom
  • Intuos Small
  • Intuos Medium

What are the best drawing tablet for beginners?

  • Wacom Intuos Pro
  • Wacom Intuos
  • Huion Inspiroy H950P
  • Huion H610PRO
  • Parblo A610
  • Huion 420

Huion h420 vs Wacom Intuos

The Wacom Intuos is better than the Huion H420 because of it’s active area, pen quality, pen pressure, battery-free stylus, & overall durability. If you’d like to learn more about the differences between these two tablets I have a post on that here.

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