How to Set Up Your Wacom Intuos Pro (Ultimate Noob Guide)


In today’s post, we are going to discuss How To Set Up Your Wacom Intuos Pro.

I’m going to take you step by step through the process of setting up & pairing your Wacom tablet!

In this article, we are only covering the M & L Intuos Pro, not the small.

I provided video directions for setting up the Intuos Pro on a Mac below. Sadly there were no Windows videos available on the Wacom Channel. 

& I no longer own a functional windows device so I cannot screen record.

I also provided text instructions below the video just in case you prefer reading, or don’t have the option of watching a video.  

Mac & Wacom Intuos Pro


Step 1

Find the USB cord for your tablet. It should look something like this.

Wacom Intuos Pro USB cord

Plug the USB end to your computer, & the USB mini end into your tablet.

The setup wizard should open automatically. If it doesn’t open up automatically, open your web browser & go to www.wacom.com/start.

Select the “view now “ button next to the text “Getting Started w/ Intuos Pro”.

Follow the instructions provided by Wacom.

Intuos Pro USB

Step 2

Download the driver for your computer from this page. The link from the “Getting Started w/ Intuos Pro” page will always have the most up to date driver.

A driver is necessary to use your tablet because it allows your computer to recognize your tablet. It also allows you to customize the settings for your tablet, & Pen.

Your driver will be different depending on whether you own a Mac or a PC

After you download the corresponding driver for your computer install the software.

Step 3

Now you’re going to restart your computer. If this is the first time install, the driver will walk you through the setup guide.

Once the restart is finished you should see the setup wizard window appear. It will look something like this.

If the setup wizard didn’t appear you can find it by searching your computer for the Wacom desktop center.

While you are in the Wacom Desktop center you can also check for updates.

Check for a red number next to updates. If there is no red number visible than there are no updates available.

Once you’re in the Wacom Desktop Center, click Intuos Pro under devices. Then click ‘Run Setup Wizard

Once the setup wizard opens

Follow the on-screen instructions provided to set up your tablet.

Your next step is to Pair the Bluetooth

I provided a video as well as text directions for pairing Bluetooth. 


Play Video


Play Video

Step 1:

Before pairing your device make sure your tablet is turned on. You can do this by clicking the power button on the side of the tablet.

Wacom Intuos Pro

Hold the power button until you see the blue light by the WACOM logo go on.

Then press & hold the touch ring toggle button until the blue light(the same one from the photo above) blinks rapidly.

Step 2:

On your computer or laptop open your Bluetooth settings/preferences. Once the Bluetooth settings/preferences are opened find BT Intuos PRO & click pair.

Step 3.

Your Wacom Intuos should say connected.

From now on you can use Bluetooth or USB with your Intuos pro, as long as the driver is not uninstalled.  


If you have any relevant questions or comments be sure to comment down below.

If I didn’t answer all of your questions with my post feel to comment below or contact Wacom’s customer service. They’re typically very helpful & polite so don’t be shy.

If you would like to learn more about your Intuos Pro or purchase a new one, I review it in my post  “The Wacom Intuos Pro Drawing Tablet Review + Where You Can Find The Best Price”.


  • Jeffrey Teo

    This is an excellent write up on WACOM drawing tablet. I do own one basic version and It had served me well, it’s a good product. You have done a great job to detail out all the steps and they were very well written. It is clear and easy to follow. Better than the user manual provided (I can’t find mine, not sure whether there was one in the first place).

  • gerard mcshane

    A well written and easy to follow guide on the WACOM drawing tablet. It is nice to have detailed information on this product and it is encouraging to a newbie artist that I have someone to follow who will be able to answer my questions in the future

  • Mallory

    I absolutely love how detailed your instructions are, and that you have videos detailing the process. For someone like myself who can find it difficult to follow a wall of text, this made setup incredibly easy for me!

  • Scott

    Great post, really interesting and makes it easy and simple to setup. I appreciate it’s for both Mac and Windows, I’ve seen plenty of sites that only focus on Windows. This is a good site to follow to learn more about the Wacom Intuos Pro.

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    What a brilliant article. Really well informed and so easy to go along with the pictures and diagrams. This is the place to come if I buy a Wacom drawing tablet,

    Thanks for the tips,

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    This is one incredible post on the wacom setup. So detailed and easy to follow. My sister owns a few wacome products. I am going to forward this to her.

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