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How Much Does The iPad Pro Cost?

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In this post, we’ll be discussing how much the iPad Pro costs? We’ll breakdown the standard retail prices of each model including the prices for different GBs.

If you’d like to learn how to avoid paying full retail price, see the related post below. 

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Price List

Below is a list of the standard retail prices for the iPad Pro Gen 3.



64 GB: $799

256 GB: $949

512 GB: $1149

1 TB: $1549

wifi + cellular

64 GB: $949

256 GB: $1099

512 GB: $1299

1 TB: $1699



64 GB: $999

256 GB: $1149

512 GB: $1349

1 TB: $1749

wifi + cellular

64 GB: $1,149

256 GB: $1299

512 GB: 1499

1 TB: 1,899

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64 GB -256 GB

If you’re only using your iPad for one purpose like writing or artwork; 64 GB to 256 GB is adequate.

If you’re producing work consistently  256 GB is probably a better fit considering you’re more likely to quickly use storage.

256 GB-612 GB

If you’re like me & you use your iPad Pro for multiple purposes  256-512 GB is better.

I write blog posts, record audio for my youtube, draw art, & view analytics through my iPad so 512 GB is a must for me.

512 GB-1 TB

1 A terabyte is 1,000 GB so roughly twice the size of the 512 G.

I think the 1TB is a bit excessive but I’m sure there are people who would make good use for a TB. 

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