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Looking For A Cheap Wacom Cintiq Pro? (Reductions, Sales, Alternatives & More)

In this post, I’ll be answering one of my most requested questions, “How or where do you find the best price on a drawing tablet?” The model I’ll be discussing in this post is the Cintiq Pro.

I’m someone who refuses to pay the full retail price for anything because nowadays, there’s always a way to catch a sale or a reduced price. In fact, my entire tablet collection consists of items that were purchased on sale or at a reduced price.

So I compiled a little list on where to find a Cheap Wacom CINTIQ PRO– where to find reduced prices, cheaper used versions, financing plans, alternative products & sales. 

If you’d like to skip to a specific section of this post, feel free to use the table of contents below to do so. 


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1. Reduced Price

One of my favorite online retailers for a reduced price is Amazon because their prices are always lower than the competition & they offer free shipping.

They also provide products with Old SKU, allowing them to cheapen the cost. Old SKU stands for Old Stock Keeping Unit. It’s a way of keeping track of inventory.

If you’d like to learn more about SKU Vend wrote a detailed article all about it.

Prices The Date This Article Was Published:

Cintiq Pro 13" $677.24 - $799.95 + Free Shipping $799.95 +10
Cintiq Pro 16" $1,489.58 - $1,499.95 + Free Shipping $1,599.99 +10
Cintiq Pro 24" $2,499.95 + Free Shipping $2,749.99 +10
Cintiq Pro 32" $3,299.95 + Free Shipping $3,499.95 3 left

Disclaimer: It’s important to note that Amazon’s prices fluctuate due to their algorithm. By the time you read this, they could be different.

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13″ Screen (Old Stock Keeping Unit)

13″ Screen

24″ Screen

16″Screen (Old Stop Keeping Unit)

16″ screen


Why I Like Amazon

One of the biggest reasons I like Amazon is because they’re cheaper.

This is because their entire pricing algorithm is designed to undercut their competitions’ prices. Not to mention… free shipping on most products!

This algorithm is also the cause of fluctuating prices. Prices typically fluctuate when there’s a change in demand, competition or other market-related variables.

The graph above represents fluctuations in the Cintiq Pro 24″ price within the last 28 days.

The highest price in the graph, $2.5k, is already $200 less than the competitor’s price of $2.7k.

On June 6th the price dropped to 2k. Which is $700 less than the list price. 

There are even times when a price can change several times within the same day. Usually, the shift in price isn’t more than 10% but it’s still enough to attract savvy shoppers.

If you’d like to know more about Amazon’s algorithm Tech Quickie Youtube Video covers it in detail.

2. Refurbished/Used

For refurbished products, Amazon is also my go-to primarily because they give you so many pricing options from different buyers. 

That said, I wouldn’t advise you to buy something used unless you feel strongly about doing so.  I’m just not the biggest fan of second-hand electronics. 

However, they will mostly work like new, & you can always return them. 

What To Expect When Buying Used Products

  1. You might have to return the item.
  2. The item might come in a generic box.
  3. The accessories may be generic or older models.

Prices The Date This Article Was Published:

Cintiq Pro 13" $655.49 +Free Shipping $799.95 + Free Shipping
Cintiq Pro 16" $999.00 + Free Shipping $1,499.95 + Free Shipping
Cintiq Pro 24" $2,379.00 + Free Shipping $2,499.95 + Free Shipping
Cintiq Pro 32" Currently Out Of Stock $3,299.95 + Free Shipping

Disclaimer: It’s important to note that Amazon’s prices fluctuate due to their algorithm. By the time you read this, they could be different.

Make It Yours

Click the pink buttons below to go to Amazon for the products of your interest.

Then, when on Amazon’s site, click the “used & new” link to see and compare price options. See photo below for reference.


13″ Screen

24″ Screen

16″ Screen

32″ Screen

3. Financing

To me, financing luxury art tech is the same as buying a used product. I’m not comfortable with the idea of both. My suggestion is to save your money & wait for a sale or reduction in price on Amazon. 

But I know everyone has their own opinions & so it’s totally fine if you disagree. Even though I don’t advise you do financing because it can be an annoying long term commitment; I’ll still provide you with what’s one of the best sites for financing:

Best Buy.

It’s actually tough to find a reputable site that offers financing options for drawing tablets.

In my opinion, Best Buy is the most trustworthy, & they don’t add interest if you keep up with the monthly billing. 

Prices The Date This Article Was Published:

Model12 Year planinterestTotal Price
Cintiq Pro 13" $66.67 a month No interest if paid in full within 12 months* $800.04
Cintiq Pro 16" $125.00 a month No interest if paid in full within 12 months* $1,500.00
Cintiq Pro 24" $229.17 a month No interest if paid in full within 12 months* $2,750.04
Cintiq Pro 32" Not In Stock N/A N/A

Make It Yours

4. Alternative Products

Quick disclaimer, the Wacom Cintiq Pro is the best Pen Display Tablet out right now. Which means any alternative I include in this section is a distant second place. 

I’m not trying to spook anyone– I just want the expectations to be accurately set. The Cintiq Pro is a luxury piece of art tech; the alternatives are not so luxury. This doesn’t mean they’re cheap; they’re just a generation behind both in features & hardware.

Prices The Date This Article Was Published:

The Cintiq 16″ (NON PRO version)

cintiq 16

The Huion Kamvas 22″

huion drawing tablet


Sales are the most evasive thing on this list because they tend to not last very long. 

If you’re interested in tablet sales or other art supplies sales, sign up for my e-mail letter.

That way, I can notify you as a soon as there is a price reduction or sale. You can sign up by clicking the pink button below. 

What You Should Do Now

In the meantime, I’m working on more post like this for different tablets, so if you’re not interested in the Cintiq Pro & want me to write about another product, let me know in the comment section.

Or let me know any other relevant questions or thoughts you may have.

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