iPad Pro Deals: How I Saved $619.01 On My iPad Pro

Apple’s new iPad Pro can cost you anywhere from $700-1600 but if you’re smart you can shave anywhere from $54-$619.01 off your total. Knowing where to find a good iPad Pro Deal can be overwhelming so I’ll save you the trouble by sharing my prefered online store.

So how did I save $619.01 on Cheap iPad Pro?

Simple, I used Amazon! Their brand is built on a unique algorithm designed to undercut their competition’s prices. In this post, I share all of the current iPad Pro Deals. 

Before you type in & look for the cheapest iPad Pro remember there are scammers, sellers who package shipments carelessly, & fake products on Amazon.

So what’s the best way to protect yourself from Amazon scammers?

Gather a list of iPad Pro sellers on amazon & contact Apple & Amazon to confirm who is a reputable seller. Luckily for you, I’ve already done that.

Here’s a list of Trusted Sellers, I ordered them based on most to least trusted. 

  2. Amazon Warehouse
  3. Adorama
  4. Best Buy
  5. B&H Photo 

The rest of this article is dedicated to sharing links to some great prices on new & renewed iPad Pros from trusted sellers. 

Disclaimer: It’s important to note that Amazon’s prices fluctuate due to its algorithm. By the time you read this, they could be different.

Tablet Of Contents
  1. Reduced Price (Up to $200 off)
  2. Refurbished/Used (Up to $619 off)
  3. Why You shouldn’t Wait For the new iPad Pro
  4. Related Post

1. Reduced Price/Sales

Amazon is currently slashing prices on multiple Apple products. As of now, the iPad Pro is anywhere from  $54-$249 off + free shipping.

I provided links to the most trusted seller below to protect you.  

All links are from Amazons account, this way, you can avoid scammers or fake products. If something is out of stock feel free to use any of these sellers:

  2. Amazon Warehouse
  3. Adorama
  4. Best Buy
  5. B&H Photo 

11″ Model

11″ Model (64gb, 256 gb, 512gb, 1tb)

WIFI & WIFI + Cellular

6% ($59) to 16% ($249) off

12.9″ Model

12.9″ Model (64gb, 256 gb,512gb, 1tb)

WIFI & WIFI + Cellular

5% ($54) to & 15% ($200) off

2. Renewed

Renewed products are previously owned products that the seller has done their best to renew it to its factory conditions.

In theory, everything should operate as like-new. If not you can always return it within 30 days & receive a refund.

The iPad Pro I saved $619.01 was renewed & it works like new. You don’t have to buy renew to save money but you can save the most money purchasing a renewed product.

I don’t advise you buy a renewed product unless you already own an iPad charger. Any iPad Charger will work with all iPads. The iPad Charger is comprised off the Power Adapter($69) & Lightning Cable($19).

The renewed iPads all come w/ generic chargers which can be dangerous to use & will definitely destroy your iPad. There are so many stories of people burning themselves or their phone combusting because of generic Apple chargers. 

& considering iPad Chargers cost $89, it’s not worth the $111 price reduction.

You’re better off buying a new one at a reduced price. 

Makes sure you only purchase a renewed product via Amazon Renewed otherwise I really can’t guarantee buyer protection!

What To Expect When Buying Used Products

  1. 30-day Return Policy
  2. The item might come in a generic box.
  3. Accessories will be generic! The only accessories sold w/ an iPad Pro is the Charger(Power Adapter + Lightning Cable).  So expect a cable you should never use if you care about your health & safety!
  4. The product will have no obvious flaws but can have subtle flaws. If shipped w/ obvious flaw return ASAP!

11″ Model 3rd Gen

11″ Model (64gb, 256 gb, 512gb, 1tb)

WIFI & WIFI + Cellular

25% ($200) to 40% ($619.01) off

12.9″ Model 3rd Gen

12.9″ Model (64gb, 256 gb,512gb, 1tb)

WIFI & WIFI + Cellular

26% ($299.01) to 31% ($550) off

12.9″ Model 1st Gen

12.9″ (1st Gen)

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  • Alex Griffith

    Wow, thank you for this! Just purchased one from your link for 200 off. I wasn’t aware of Amazon scammers and sales, but I suppose it makes sense. How would a platform with that amount of 3rd party sellers not have some scammers, right?

  • Kathy

    Thank you for this great article, scammers are everywhere huh? The models you listed are certainly very good deals, but of course, they change very fast so I will have to buy fast. I have my eyes on the 11″ and have been wanting to use procreate for some time now. Seeing how well you draw with it is a huge inspiration.

  • carol

    Just as I am thinking about upgrading to an iPad Pro, I came across your post. You have saved me so much research time. I least expected that I can save so much on an iPad Pro. Right now, I’ll definitely look at a renewed one. Never thought about it until now. Do they tell you how long someone owned the product? Do they give a description of the condition it is in? (like scratches for example)

    • Gaius

      Hey Carol, thanks for the kind words!

      Yeah, when a product is renewed by Amazon it is restored to factory settings/condition. So it should be practically brand new with the exception of age. There should be no noticeable problems or damage.

      Hope that helps!

  • Jordan

    Wow! I’m not looking for an ipad, but was interested in an iPhone. I was definitely looking on Amazon for a used one, but I’m glad you provided some info. I’ll have to be careful.

  • Joonas

    Thanks for a great article Gaius! I wasn’t even aware that there are scammers on Amazon, I thought Amazon would kick them out right away… Good to know, and have to be more careful in the future. I can see that you have done very thorough research on the topic so it really makes buying an iPad Pro easy for us. I’m going to buy the 256 GB for work, do you think I need the apple pencil for notes or should I get the keyboard instead?

    • Gaius

      Hey Joonas,

      I’d go with the keyboard unless you want to do art as well. I love taking notes with my Apple Pencil, but I do alternate between pencil & keyboard. Hope that helped!

  • Fiona Chan

    Great article. I havent used ipad before. Glad that you include all the information there. I haven been using Galaxy Tab before. Do you know what are the major differences?

    • Gaius

      Hey, great question. To my knowledgethe better-drawing apps are apple exclusive, the iPad Pro’s GPU is better for graphics, & the touch screen is more accurate. Not sure about the stylus though!

  • Dovey LaPee

    Unfortunately, I have been scammed off Amazon before. That is why I am doing some research before buying from them again. The list of trusted sellers and resellers is going to make this buying process much easier.

    How important is memory? I am only planning on using it to draw but not store the artwork as I will be uploading it to my computer for the final touches. What size would you recommend I go with?

    Thanks for your advice and doing all the hard work.

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