Top 3 Best Drawing Tablets of 2019 (Best Price)

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In this post, I’ll be reviewing the Best Drawing Tablets Of 2019 starting from my personal favorite to my least. 

Prices range from the $330-3.3k. If you’re interested in something more affordable feel free to check out the related post section in the bottom right-hand corner.  

If you’d liked to skip to any specific point in this post feel free to use the Table of Contents below.


Looking for something more affordable?

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1.iPad Pro



  • Easy Learning Curve
  • Intuitive UA
  • 4k Recording capabilities 
  • Best Multitouch on the market
  • Great Pixel Density
  • Comes w/ camera
  • Allows for internet access
  • Decent pen pressure 
  • Perfect for traveling
  • Great Drawing Experience 
  • Procreate comes w/ screen recording capabilities
  • Dozens of accessories


  • Pen sold separately
  • Procreate limits the # of layers you can use
  • Pen Pressure could be better
  • You have to purchase Procreate ($7.99)

Cheapest Place To Buy

Generation 3


Currently 6%($58.59) off retail


Currently 7%($77.59) less than retail

Apple Pencil (Gen 2)

Save $4.00

What I Made With It

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2. Cintiq Pro

Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 4.50.08 PM


  • Pro Pen 2 is the best stylus out 
  • Quality Build
  • Good Brightness
  • No noticeable parallax
  • High-Pressure levels + natural drawing experience. 
  • Virtually lag-free tracking
  • Great color gamut coverage (16″,24″, & 32″ models)
  • Great Pixel Density (16″,24″, & 32″ models)
  • Comes with 10 different kinds of Free Nibs
  • Pen Stand is nice & weighted


  • 13″ & 16″models don’t come w/ Express Key Remote
  • 13″ has mediocre color & pixel density. 
  • Multitouch is a little buggy

Cheapest Place To Buy

What I Made With It

Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 7.06.38 PM 2

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  • Great Starter tablet
  • Great Active Area
  • Phenomenal Pen Pressure (8,192 Levels)
  • Comes with Multitouch settings
  • Comes with Tilt
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • Gesture Button
  • Comes with 4 different kinds of Free Nibs (10 total)
  • Pen Stand is nice, weighted, helps keep your desk organized


  • I prefer Screen Tablets

Cheapest Place To Buy


currently 6% ($20) less than retail


currently 23% ($113.95) less than retail

What I Made With It


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My Final Thoughts

The tablets above are slightly overkill, but for me personally there a great investment because I don’t see myself buying a new tablet for the next 5-7 years. 

The price might not be for everyone, but if you’re serious about your digital art career or hobby they’re a great investment. 

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  • Steve


    A very informative article. I’m not very technical but your reviews of each product are very thorough. I agree with you that you get what you pay for and I’ve always believed in spending a bit more to get a quality product, it serves you better in the long term.


  • John

    Great information on how these tablets have help your drawing style. I do like to work with photos from time to time, I will add some of my own features. Do you think that I would need a tablet like this or my cheap laptop that can use a pen.

    • Gaius

      Hey John,

      Thanks for the kind words,

      It depends on if you’re happy with your laptop & pen set up. If the answer is “Yes” I say you’re probably fine with what you have. If you are interested in optimizing your work & taking it to the next level I do suggest a tablet. I think you’ll have better accuracy with one. & good pen pressure really comes in handy with photos.

      I think photographers & people who work with photos are typically happy with the Intuos Pro. Hope that helps, if not lmk I’m happy to answer any relevant questions you might have.

  • joyce

    Hi Gaius,

    What a very informative and helpful review on the drawing tablets. It is good to know that there are choices that beginners and those aspiring artists or illustrators have. I like your article because you have thoroughly discussed and cited the pros and cons of each product.

    Thank you for sharing this article and keep it up!

  • Tom


    Great post and thanks for sharing.

    I am from an Engineering background and these products would definitely help me in my Engineering Design business. It is a consultancy that helps all engineering industries with new innovations.

    I’m going to recommend these products to my boss tomorrow and see if he would like to invest in them.

    I will let you now what he says.

    All the best and keep up the great work.


  • Philip

    Hi Gaius,

    Thanks for this article on the top 3 best drawing tablets of 2019. Would this be too advanced for kids of around 8 or 9?

    I am more of a laptop man myself but these tablets you have written on here have come a long way since they first brought them out. I am tempted to look further into your information here and see about purchasing one for a b-day coming up for a friend soon.

    I definitely clicked on the right review here anyway and thank you for not leaving any questions unanswered about the drawing tablets.

    • Gaius

      Hey Philip,

      That’s a great question, I wouldn’t advise any of these tablets for kids. I think graphic tablets are the most durable to being dropped so Intuos pro is prob best. But kids don’t really need all the features an adult or teenager would. A cheaper & small graphics tablet would work best. Preferably Wacom brand, like the other intuos(NOT THE PRO) or their bamboo. Parblo also makes small tablets I think would be suitable for children.

      I’ll write a post centered around tablets for helping kids build their digital art competency soon! That is where the world is headed so it will probably be one of the more important topics. Thanks for the great question!

      & Awesome I’m glad you found my content helpful! Thanks for the kinds words!

  • Michel Repluk

    wow impressive article, and i really liked the indepth comparrisons!

    Im just curious, my daughter is turning 15 and has been hounding me for a tablet, which one would you recommend for a teenage girl?

    • Gaius

      Hey Mike,

      Thanks for the kind words, I’m really happy you enjoyed my post.

      I think the Intuos Pro is a great tablet for teenagers. It’s a graphics tablet(which means it doesn’t have a screen), so it’s the most durable of the out of the 3 listed in this article.
      I think that’s important because it should last her 5-10 years like my first Intuos did. It’s also the cheapest.

      If she’s more interested in a tablet because of other features beyond digital art I would go iPad Pro.

      Hope that helps, & be sure to use my affiliate links if you decide that one of my suggestions are what you’re looking for.


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